Jars organized in a pantry on a shelf

5 steps to organizing your pantry

1. Decide to organize your pantry
The first step, as with anything else in life, is to just make the decision that you’re going to start organizing. Really commit though and set a specific date and time that you’re going to do it on.

home organizing baskets

Where to start with home organizing?

Start by making a mess.

That’s right, the key to starting is making a mess. I always tell my clients it’s going to get worse before it gets better, just one thing at a time.

white and black jigsaw puzzle - putting puzzle pieces together to create new systems in life

The difficulty with implementing new systems

Your past life has wired you to not succeed at these new systems. It’s just a battle. There’s little getting around it. Your habits and subconscious behaviors keep you in line with what you’re used to doing, that’s why you keep doing it, it’s the path of least resistance.

yellow shucked corn on white ceramic plate

Why organizing feels so overwhelming

Lean back, maybe stare at the ceiling, and just take a moment to think about what it would be like to shuck 10,000 corn husks. What a daunting task, right? It looks and feels almost impossible, there’s no way you could ever do it, or is there?

brown number 1 graphic

Just do one thing, DAMN IT!

That son of a bitch is hiding just around the corner, whispering insults and waiting for you to turn the corner so it can stick out its leg and trip you.