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Where to start with home organizing?

people making a mess before getting started doing home organizing


Start by making a mess.



That’s right, the key to starting is making a mess. I always tell my clients it’s going to get worse before it gets better, just one thing at a time. Just start by pulling everything out. If you’re organizing your closet, pull everything out of the closet and lay it all out. As you do this, it can help you save time and help you feel like you’re progressing faster by categorizing items as you go. For instance, casual clothes, business clothes, workout clothes, ect.


Now, if you stop and don’t get all the items returned to the closet, that’s okay. Hopefully, the extra mess will eventually start to annoy you and push you to pick it back up and get it done. If you know that’s not you, however, just set a date promising yourself to return to get it done, and when you do, you can give yourself a reward like a cookie, new dress, or margarita!


It doesn’t have to be the whole closet though, you could just start with sweaters or jackets. Once all of those get done, then move onto the next set of items like t-shirts! When you do this, make sure you grab ALL the jackets, not just the ones in that closet, but also the ones in every other closet around the house. This kills 3 pheasants with 2 stones.


Just keep in mind when organizing a closet, or garage, really anything, ‘where’ actually doesn’t matter as much as simply getting started. Pick the area that stresses you out the most, and then just start pulling stuff out. Don’t overthink it, just do it!


Soon enough you’ll be done and experiencing a great deal of relief!


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