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Value Packed Packages

Common FAQ's

We have a step my step outline you can view here: Our Process

It’s totally okay! We’re not here to judge or criticize you. We’re just here to help you fall back in love with your home.

Your home arrived at this state. It happens to the best of us sometimes. We care about listening to you and helping you work through some of these icky emotions so you can arrive at a beautiful result!

Donation and dump removal is included in our Value Packed Packages.

If you purchase just a package of hours or by the session then we will connect you with a dumping company or help you schedule donation pick ups.

It greatly varies per room and person.

Factors that affect time include:

–  How fast you make decisions

– How many items there are to go through and how big (think a bin of basketballs will go faster than a bin of marbles)

– If you’re around to help  

This is the rough average it takes to do each room, a good rule of thumb is to add or subtracts 2 hours depending on how there is  to do.
  • Kitchen – 5-16hrs
  • Pantry – 4-8hrs
  • Bathroom – 5hrs
  • Closet – 9-16hrs
  • Office – 4-7hrs
  • Laundry – 2-5hrs
  • Kids room – 4-8hrs
  • Garage – 5-20hrs
  • Living room – 2-5hrs
  • Bedroom -3-5hrs

Organizing products are not included in the price of any of our packages at the moment. 

We have amazon lists that you can buy from and can do a product day to identify and search for specific products for your specific needs. 

Expect to spend $500-$2500 per room.

This can vary greatly by room, needs, and tastes.

Buying from Amazon will more often than not cost more than purchasing from The Container Store
Absolutely not!

We can work with what you have, use shoeboxes, or not use anything.

We do our best to accommodate you, your needs, and budget.

We will travel up to 50 minutes from Downtown Phoenix.

Out side of that, we chart an extra 50 dollars per trip.

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What clients have said about us

The guidance of JP Taxman changed my entire mentality. I was stuck in a pattern of beginning ideas but never completing them. I was able to address limiting beliefs thanks to JP's personalized approach. He made connections between my problems, limiting beliefs and skills and offered me helpful suggestions. I'm now focused, purpose-driven, and consistently productive. I would highly recommend working with JP if you're seeking impactful change.
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It was an awesome experience JP is the best, just booked him again !! Highly recommend😃😃

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