December 2021

Jars organized in a pantry on a shelf

5 steps to organizing your pantry

1. Decide to organize your pantry
The first step, as with anything else in life, is to just make the decision that you’re going to start organizing. Really commit though and set a specific date and time that you’re going to do it on.

A bit more, and then some more about me

As a kid, I fell in love with the concept of cities. I always liked drawing them and had artwork of cities hung on my wall. To this day I have city art hung in my apartment. I always wanted to live in a big city, hence why I Love living in Phoenix so much.

emojis to help you examine your emotions

Examining your emotions

One emotion, two emotion, three emotion, four.

We have so many, and sometimes in such rapid succession, how are we supposed to keep them in check or even pay attention to them?

Well, I sure do hope this blog post helps some small amount.

To start, how often do you try to take time and examine your emotions?