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Taking a second look at your attachment to things

The value of a dollar.
This is what you hear parents always trying to teach their kids about.
What they should teach them, is the value of what the dollar buys.
The truth is, there is no real value in a dollar, there is only a value in what that dollar buys. For instance, A number 1 on the screen in my computer doesn’t do anything for me, other than exist as black pixels in the shape of a 1 next to white pixels on a screen.
What makes that image valuable is the fact that I can trade 5 of those 1’s, for say, a Mcdonald’s kids meal, which comes with a Mr. Potato head toy in it. Now, the value of the meal fluctuates over time and the 5 dollars is paying more for the time to make the nugget, soda, and french fries, than the food itself.
So it cost 5 dollars, but you kept the toy for 40 years so now that toy you were gifted in the meal, something that provides you with happy memories, is worth 1.5 million dollars. Simply because it’s now old and rare. The extrinsic monetary value of that happy meal is now tremendously more valuable. What has also increased in that period in your life, the intrinsic personal value to you. Holding the toy bring about happy memories as a child.
If that toy is really that meaningful to you too, then which is now more valuable, the intrinsic value or extrinsic value? Well, if you wouldn’t sell it then you value just having this little toy more than you value having $1.5 million black pixelated zeros in your bank account.
Value is so so so so much more than just the money, it’s essential to life and business, and I don’t think we teach our children this well enough in school.
Anyhow… let’s switch it up, Why do you hold on to certain items and not others? There’s always a reason why you have something, but some better further questions are, “what would it feel like to let go of this item?” “Had you thought about it before looking at it?” “Would you ever think about it again if you got rid of it?”
These questions will help you decide what to keep and get rid of as you go through what you have as you get organized.
Keep in mind how valuable things really are to you, and if they are really worth keeping, especially if its not worth 1.5 million dollars.