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Coffee tables are overrated – The power of a C-Table to organize a living room

There’s no letter like C

Soon you’ll C how great they are! Hahaha C what I did there? Op, I did it again!


Yeah, terrible dad joke, but what isn’t terrible are C-Tables, they are amazing, and will make your living room experience 10X better!


Once you try one you’ll be all like, dang, why didn’t I buy one earlier, uhh I lived my whole life not knowing these were a great addition to my living room!


Let’s see if we can’t convince you to get one.


Coffee tables are overrated!

Sure they look nice, and some hold books well, but for using while sitting on the couch, not ideal.


Plus! Imagine all the yoga or other activities you could do with all that extra floor space, and man, vacuuming would be soo much easier!


The worst party about coffee tables is that whenever you set something down on the table, after leaning back in the couch the moment you want it again you have to learn all the away forward again to get the coffee cup or plate.

Booo!!!! When I’m on a couch, it’s all about being the best potato, which means 0 to limited movement. That’s exactly what a C-Table allows you to not do, move. You just set your drink down on it, and since it’s table is over the seat of the couch, its always right next to you, never more than an arms length away.


Point C-Table

Relax – Get your work done on the couch

You can’t work on a coffee table, but a c-table you can definitely get your work done on, or take notes, or draw nude pictures of your cat.


You can also have two of them so both you and the hubby can get work done together on the couch, or he can draw nude pictures of you, while you draw nude pictures of your cat!


10 points C-Table.


C-Table wins!


At the end of the day, it’s just better than a coffee table. So you should get 7! Or maybe just 2, but here’s a great one from a local Phoenix shop that my good friends Chad and Shawn own.


I just love how sleek and elegant this one is, it’s simple, but also makes a statement, plus it comes in a variety of cool colors!



Hope you have a home gym because it works out a lot too, that’s why they call it the Swole table! It will constantly look good and stay in shape for you and your guest!



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