brown number 1 graphic

Just do one thing, DAMN IT!

That son of a bitch is hiding just around the corner, whispering insults and waiting for you to turn the corner so it can stick out its leg and trip you.



A sneaky culprit, a feeling that nags you constantly day in and day out. It’s like spinning 2 plates, holding a chair on your chin while cooking a gourmet meal, and playing the piano on a parade float while doing a cannonball race across the united states wearing a weight vest and walking a dog every 20 minutes. Oh, and if you get a slap in the face for every plate you drop.

Reliving people from the feeling of overwhelm is at the core of what we do at relief. One of the greatest pleasures I take in life is witnessing my clients take an enormous sigh of relief after we have completed the organization of one of their spaces. The feeling can be too much to handle alone, like fighting off 1000 zombies with a toothbrush shiv. Hiring us is like calling in reinforcements to come in with a tank and 50 caliber machine gun. Then we put you at the helm of the gun so you can mow the zombies down as we blow them up.

Without us, however, there is something you can do to at least get past them to safety. It’s very simple. (Because we are all about simplicity here at relief)





Yup, just one, don’t expect anything more or less out of yourself. If you happen to do more, then great, bonus points. More often than not you will, however, if you don’t, then it doesn’t matter because you only made an agreement with yourself to do ONE thing.

Then, the next day just do one more thing. After a while, and as little as 10 minutes a day, you’ll have found you’ve worked your way through all zombies by constraining the flow, letting one through the door at a time, and killing one then moving onto the next. Sooner than later, you’ve worked your way through every single one!

I can honestly say this strategy can be a lifesaver, it most definitely has been for me.

SO if your office is just a complete mess and you need to get it organized but that task just feels way too daunting and overwhelming, then just start by agreeing to sort through one drawer per day, remember, just one. What you’ll find is that after a while you’re office is organized, and if you can only get to once a week, that’s okay too, at least now you have one part of your office organized. Doing this creates little safe havens, where moments of relief can occur every time you open that drawer.

You may find you get addicted to that feeling, you’ll want more of it, so you’ll just do the rest of the office and will have finally overcome the overwhelm, which will allow you to feel maximum relief.

However, it just starts with you doing one small, tiny, itty bitty thing to feel like progress has been made.

Start now at chipping away at that feeling of overwhelm.