My favorite tools

As a kid, when I watched TV shows and all the strong adult male husband characters talked about getting new power tools for their workshops, I never understood it.

….I get it now.

Here are a few of my favorite tools right now.

Learning design – balance

Here… no, here…

Hmmm, still not quite right.

Maybe here?

Small adjustments to a design, just a few pixels, can completely throw off an entire design.

bad 90's design page

The illusion of great design

Probably not, because you just experienced good design.

Well, maybe not right, right now, but within the last day there’s a good chance you have, and by not noticing it, indicates that you had the pleasure of experiencing great design.

black and brown Dachshund standing in carboard box the best material

Why I love cardboard and you should too

When I was a kid I made a fort/spaceship out of cardboard and was fully armed with an arsenal of nerf guns and stocked up with snacks for my imaginary journey to some yet-to-be-explored planet or jungle. How did I travel there? In a giant scribbled upon refrigerator box, I connected to my bunk bed of course.

black iphone 4 on white table iterated on from day 1

The 5 steps of Iteration while organizing

Remember the first cell phone? Giant plastic bricks with huge antennas. Not really portable or cell-like at all and super expensive, but man was it cool to have a phone not wired to the wall.

custom motorcycle, why is it so expensive?

Why Custom work and Home Organizers are so Expensive

Oh baby bear, everything you have must be juuust right, doesn’t it? Your porridge is the perfect temperature, your bed isn’t too hard or soft, and your chair happens to be in the sweet spot of comfort. You need everything you have, and use, to be perfect for you, which is tough in this day and age of mass production where everything’s made to generally suit everyone. You buy things, and the producer of the product gets close to delivering on what you need, yet, it’s never

A Lincoln Steering wheel

What makes the Lincoln steering wheel design amazing?

Every captain needs the right cockpit to steer their ship, and the better the cockpit, the better the ride. Lincoln clearly gets that because they have designed one of the best steering wheels on the market. It’s intuitive, functional, and looks riveting. Let’s take a look at all the things they got right when designing this high-end luxury steering wheel.