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With your help, we can organize people's entire lives to create more joy-filled, wiser humans!

Our mission, our why

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Thanks for stopping by, so glad you could make it! We are reliefkey and we get homes organized and systematized, design and build custom products to eliminate frustrations in the home, and aim to make your daily life just a little bit better! reliefkey is much more than a home organization company, yup although organizing is core to our business, our real focus is on home experience design, which is about making homes fit people, not making people fit into homes. 


We’re obsessed with creating experiences that ignite joy and release the remarkable feeling of relief on a daily basis. We achieve this with our 3 core service products. 1) Our flow analysis 2) Our standard home organization and 3) Creating bespoke products for your home.


By doing this we home to help you crush anxiety, depression, and shame, to let out your joy, creativity, and inner power. While helping you to connect deeper with yourself, the members of your home, and your neighborhood. 

Just a group of people that love home organization, design, and a delicious cookie fresh out of the oven!

Values guide us

Listening leads to understanding

Design or humans and make them laugh

Constantly get better at decision making

Prioritize friendship

Principles make us better

Mistakes are an opportunity to learn and make something better

Keep it simple

Be willing to start from scratch

Do more than we are paid for

Be absurdly clear in your communication 

Think in first principles

Passion and work should be one and the same

The relationship matters more than the money

Value honesty and quality work

Love making stuff, organizing, a saying ridiculous stuff that makes people laugh?

Then you may be a fit to work with us, check out our job opportunities!

Meet your home organizer

JP Taxman

It’s a pleasure to meet you. I can’t wait to be your personal home organizer. I’m all about custom solutions that perfectly fit your needs. 

Developing systems in my home made it easier for me to overcome the dark days full of loneliness, anxiety, and depression.


Through this realization, I have made it my personal mission to spread this feeling of relief with others. My journey with relief has allowed me to explore the importance of how innovative thinking can impact our everyday lives, and ultimately, reduce our daily frustrations.

While working alongside each other, I am prepared to share my passion with you and help you organize your home, and increase your daily sense of relief. 


My background is in user experience design and graphic design. UX design is about using human-centered design to make things intuitive and easy to use for people using psychology and design.  

I’ve designed websites for PING, medical device companies, and an assortment of apps. I’ve also helped build an escape room experience called Hunters of Avalon. That’s where I learned most of my making skills and how to use a laser cutter. 


I wanted to bring my background in UX Design to the home and that’s how I fell into home organization! It’s the first piece to the puzzle in creating the optimal home experience and I love how I get to help my clients experience a better home environment, I feel lucky to get to do what I do!

A photo of JP Taxman a home organizer in phoenix Arizona

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Apps on your phone as messy as the U.S. tax code?

Phone apps as messy as the U.S. tax code?

Share your email and get the phone organization guide on how to clean up all the apps on your phone.