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Only because of you, I can:

Help people become more joyful & wise by in their lives.

My mission, my why

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Thanks for stopping by, so glad you could make it!

We are reliefkey, my goal is to help you maximize joy in your life by reframing limiting beliefs, mapping out problems to see them clearly, and creating new habits that stick by implementing systems in your life.

I aim to guide you through the torment of anxiety, depression, and shame, to help you unlock your inner power. What drives me is to see you deepen the connection with yourself, your family, and your neighborhood.

Let's create a life you love living together!

The questions we ask are more key than the answer we give.

Values guide us

Listening leads to understanding

Design for humans and make them laugh

Constantly get better at decision making

Prioritize friendship

Principles make us better

Mistakes are an opportunity to learn and make something better

Keep it simple

Be willing to start from scratch

Do more than we are paid for

Be absurdly clear in your communication 

Think in first principles

Passion and work should be one and the same

The relationship matters more than the money

Value honesty and quality work

About JP Taxman

I first remember creating habits and systems when I discovered Google Drive and how it could make finding and accessing files on my computer more organized and easier. I then continued to hack various aspects of my life through automation tools and other tricks to help increase my productivity.

My obsession with beliefs came from learning about NLP and studying psychology for fun. I realized if I don't rewire my beliefs, then I can't fix my life and habits once and for all.


My background is in business development, UX design, and I ran a home organizing business for 5 years

In my free time I love to go to lifetime fitness to workout, play basketball and pickle ball. I also enjoy deep discussions with friends, reading non-fiction business books as well as sci-fi. My favorite band is the Black Keys.

Favorite kind of cookie: salted chocolate chip from LUX coffee.

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