yellow shucked corn on white ceramic plate

Why organizing feels so overwhelming

Lean back, maybe stare at the ceiling, and just take a moment to think about what it would be like to shuck 10,000 corn husks. What a daunting task, right? It looks and feels almost impossible, there’s no way you could ever do it, or is there?

To start, it might reduce the daunting feeling of the task if first we just focus on getting started. Just get one husk shucked, no more, no less, just one.

Well, how about that! 9,999 left to go! We are well on our way, progress has been made!

Now, just make an agreement with yourself to do another tomorrow.

Tomorrow comes, you can do one, that’s easy! So you shuck a husk, and well, you’re here, so why not do another. Might as well that’s two, and you’re in a rhythm. Soon enough 2 turns into 10, then you get distracted and go wash the dishes.

GREAT! Only one was supposed to be husked, but 10 got done, already down to 9,990. Over the next year, you husk away a few at a time every day, sometimes one, sometimes 50-100!

Eventually, the glorious day comes where you shuck the last husk! Looking back, that wasn’t so bad, it was manageable and actually went by faster than you thought it would.

You take that last corn, plop it into a pot full of boiling water and wait patiently with a coy smile on your face.

Then you grab your best china and after slathering your last husked corn with butter you elegantly place it on the plate and take a seat at the table.

The first bite is oh so glorious, as well as the following bites. Once you’re finished, you appreciate how much more satisfying it was to eat that 10,000th corn as opposed to eating any other corn in the world.

You put in the work and reaped the reward, that’s all it takes. Organizing is the same way, it seems daunting, overwhelming, and impossible.

However, if you just focus on doing one thing, soon enough you’ll have achieved the impossible and will be eating delicious corn on, or off the cob!