Picture of black white and grey Sidio bins for home organizing

Sidio Bins – The mecca of bins to organize your home

Picture of black white and grey Sidio bins for home organizing

And the winner is…

Sidio! Everyone give a round of applause for the best mid-size organizing bin on the market.

Okay, okay calm down, let’s now go over why Sidio is the winner in this category.

First, how did I find them? Well, Instagram of course. They actually make some great ads, I will also give them that, but their ad caught my eye, and I was like, yes, those, my clients should be using those!

And then I saw the price… but we’ll get into that in a minute. First, the feature set

As colorful as the rainbow

One thing I love is customizability.

And luckily for us Sido has plenty of that. They have a wide range of 11 color options, not just for the container part, but also the lid, slats, and top. Then they also come in a half size 18.5”x12.5”x6.5” and a full size 18.5”x12.5”x 11.”

A wide range of color options is great because you can segment categories by color which makes it easy to find a section and narrow down exactly what you’re looking for quickly!

Adjustable segments for the win

This is where they beat out every other bin companies. They allow you to segment sections with slats. And the slats have a really awesome locking mechanism so they don’t get pulled out accidentally. They also have a really cool clear option that comes in different colors as well.

Recently they came out with a new slat option that lets you divide it in the middle and then add slats up down either side which adds even more versatility to their system.

Sturdy and reliable

These puppies are meant to be used as workhorses, they are designed to be thrown around and used. Which is super great because they will last, and they better because of that damn price tag.

However, this is also a downside because their sturdiness comes from the way it’s molded, which doesn’t look terrible, but it still kind of has a crate-like look to it, which honestly isn’t my favorite.

They should make slips/covers that go on the outside and allow for extra customizability but also covers up the crate look.

Along with that, you have to buy a matt to put on the bottom, which is nice for cleaning purposes, but annoying for buying purposes.

Okay JP, stop teasing us, how much do they cost?

Here’s the breakdown of each item

Full size

Full size no add-ons – $32

Full size bundle (lid, 2 slate, mat) – $70

Slats – $11 a piece

Slotted divider – $7

Standard grey slat full – $6

Standard grey slat 1/2- $4

Half size

Half size no add-ons – $22

Half size bundle (lid, 2 slate, mat) – $56.50

Standard grey slat – $4

Salts – $11 a piece


Dry erase label – $7

5 divider labels – $5

Grip – $60

Bamboo lid – $34.50

Bottom mat – $8.50

Clear lid – $18

Snap on lid – $5

You can buy them on their website for full custom options at sidiocrate.com


on Amazon with standard bundles here through our affiliate link: https://amzn.to/3AITNB4 <-3 Pack https://amzn.to/3ch6OZs ←Single half size

That’s all folks

If you care about having the best and something that lasts with a good amount of versatility, then I’d definitely go get these.

If you can afford them of course, as you can see they are a pretty penny, but I’ve learned spending more for the better option saves you a bunch of money and headache in the long run.


If you get them I’d love to know what you think of them. Reach out on Instagram to


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