March 2022

Ron – Client Highlight & Gratitude

Ron is one of my closest friends. I’ll be eternally grateful for our friendship. He’s helped me in so many ways, sometimes just by inviting me out to the lake for some boating fun. He’s also been a mentor to me. He runs an amazing company called Picmonic and has helped me with business advice and guidance

man standing on hill under white sky at daytime

Where to search for a professional home organizer

Right here, your search is over, you found one! What a short blog this was huh?

Just kidding, I’m going to give you more than that, because I’m not right for everyone and I don’t take on every client that comes through this device I’m forever tethered to. Along with that, I like helping people out, so I figured why not help you find the perfect person for you! Plus I’m sure they will appreciate the business.