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To color code or to label, ready, fight!

In the left corner stands color coding, great for finding things quickly, looking quite immaculate, and helping items get back to where you found them.


In the right corner, we have labeled. Great for when people who don’t know a system have to use it, also get items back to where they came from, and great for a lot of very specific things that have several different variants.

untitled image
untitled image

Let’s have a clean, fair fight. Shake hands… and readyyyy, fight!


Color coding comes out of his side of the ring looking mean, labeling is out fast, now they are in the center of the ring, and what’s this? They are hugging and whispering to each other, we’ve never seen anything like this before folks! Now they are leaving the ring and seem to be going to find the showrunners.


They are now in the showrunner’s office and color-coding goes high, as labeling hits him in the gut. They have just teamed up to take on the shower runner, what a shocking turn of events.


I don’t think color coding is better than labeling, or vise versa. They both have strengths and weaknesses depending on what you’re trying to do, and if you team them up together, you can KO disorganization and clutter.


For instance, if you have a small number of items then color-coding them allows for you to find them with a quick glance and make sure they always go back to the same place. On the other hand, with labeling, you have to read something to know where it goes back to. Yet, with labeling, if you have someone that doesn’t know the system then they can easily find things because it’s neatly labeled and all they have to do is read.




If you label the items AND color code them, you get the best of both worlds and create a pretty robust system. Each one fills in where the other lacks.


That being said, we hate label makers. Eww. The labels they make are so ugly, and you only get one font choice.


That’s one of the many reasons why we started offering custom labeling to our clients. We can choose from an almost unlimited number of fonts, and can put them inside any shape or design, that way your labeling looks elegant and personalized to you. Along with that, we can color code because we can cut the label out of any color vinyl. It can also be glittery, matte, or glossy. The possibilities are close to limitless.


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