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What we really care about is getting your home nice and tidy so you can experience massive amounts of pride and relief.

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Our 4 Step Home Organizing Process


Pull, Purge, Prep

Pull everything out of the room, spread it out on the floor, and go through each item, one by one. Purge what isn’t needed boiling all 

the items down to only the essentials. Then they Prep by putting everything into categories so that each item can be found quickly and easily.



This is where everything is put back into its new home and positioned neatly to be found and accessed whenever necessary.




After everything is in place and has lived there for 1-3 weeks we revisit the room to further iterate and Polish up the systems we create together. 

The Polishing phase helps to ensure that the systems put in place are robust and that, long term, everything stays organized.



Feel the relief and joy of having an organized home where you can find anything you need quickly and easily



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Have Fun, Get Organized, Make Origami Boxes!

It’s time to let out your 5th-grade self and do some origami, or its time to do origami with a 5th grader. Either way, everyone can get organized making these fun an simple origami boxes.


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nicely organized origami boxes

How I can help you find joy?

Home Organization grid
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Home Flow Analysis

Get a full top to bottom view of the state of your home with a detailed plan and recommendations.

— 02

Getting Organized

Need help getting your home organized? This is where we pull up our sleeves and get after it to whip your home into tip-top shape!

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Custom Fit Products

Nothing on the market quite the right fit? Want your home to fit your things, not for your things to have to fit into your home? Have us makes something custom or select from one of our core home organization product lines.

A Home Organizer Available On Your Schedule!

Ready to take control, get organized, and experience infinite relief?

Ashlee, client of reliefkey happy with hiring her home organizer

He's so patient with me, and seriously changed my life!

JP was also kind of like my life coach, I really got a 2 for 1 deal!


We are so grateful for our amazing clients!

Because of being so filled with gratitude to be the choice home organizer for our clients, we felt compelled to write these blogs about them to show off just how remarkable we think they are!

It’s a good thing we did, writing these allowed us to let out a little air otherwise we may have popped from excitement like a balloon! 

Organized drawers in the kitchen done by a home organizer
Home Organization grid

Happy Clients
Make Us Happy!

Working with JP and reliefkey was awesome! One of the best things to come out of working with JP was the amazing drawer organizers he designed, built, and installed! Honestly, it may seem like a small thing, but having custom-fit and purpose-built drawer organizers is a whole other league compared to the crappy plastic dividers you get at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Thanks to uprelief, my kitchen doesn't just look good, it works great too!
A photo of mark
He thought of things I never would have thought of to organize my kitchen and make it more accessible. Will definitely be using him for other projects in my home. He's a phenomenal home organzier!
smile, happy, people-2072907.jpg
My 'junk' drawer was an unusable mess. I just tried to avoid it, except when adding to the disaster. Luckily, JP came in and organized it for me, turning the mayhem into an extremely useful and functional utility drawer. I know right where everything is and where it should return to. Now, every-time I open the drawer I just go, Ahhhh.... I will definitely hire him again.
CEO Picmonic

3... 2... 1...

Check out The Total Home Experience Podcast

Were I discuss topics on all things home, but most importantly how to make the home more easy, effective, and enjoyable to live in!

I get how the home can dissolve into a chaotic mess!

It happened to me! My battle with depression has sent my home into chaos on several different occasions.

Disorganization can lead to, and often is a symptom of, anxiety or depression.

(Although some of us are simply busy!)

That’s why I built reliefkey. I wanted others to experience the same sense of relief I get from getting organized and creating a more vibrant home experience!

It’s mind-blowing how the anxiety and depression wash away after getting organized, and how we get refilled with lasting joy and relief.

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