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gold Apple iPhone smartphone held at the door

Smart Door locks, what the differences are

So I was installing some door locks for a client.

And I was so excited to set up the auto-lock and unlock, literally the feature I was most excited to play with and provide for her.

But sure enough, the one we bought was z-wave, which doesn’t allow you to set up the lock so it can be locked and unlocked by your location.

Mr. Peanubutter in Bojack Horsman on netflix

Mr. Peanutbutters home in Bojack Horseman on Netflix is remarkbale!

Door, Slam! Mr. Peanutbutters house has become automated in season 6 of Bojack Horseman. Bojack horseman is a brilliant deep and hilarious show well worth the time investment. However I’m not writing a  review of the show, I’m just eluding to a very interesting aspect they added to this season in regards to home automation. The show this season was clearly making fun of IOT (internet of things) fully connected homes that are becoming interconnected with the world wide web, however in doing so they may have stumbled upon how these devices should work.

Dakboard home automation screen

Stop letting your computer hide things from you

know you’re perfect and always on time, but I sure have. Whenever I do I feel terrible, it’s always my goal to be integral with people and do what I say I’m going to do. So when I miss a meeting or forget something I get quite upset with myself.

Home Automation candle warmer

Make your home smell automatically delicious​

I feel like a little kid right after opening that birthday present they’ve been waiting for for weeks that mom said they weren’t going to get. That’s my level of excitement towards executing on this idea.