Client Gratitude

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Genevie – Client Highlight & Gratitude

My friend Todd connected me with Genevie because she needed her craft room organized. She was my first standard organizing client and a lot of my process is based on what we did together. It was because of her I was able to land other clients.

Michelle – Client Gratitude & Highlight

Michelle was the first person on thumbtack to hire me. And man, was I excited for that to have work. Because of her I actually made money by using Thumbtack! Isn’t it great when marketing works like it’s supposed to?

Ron – Client Highlight & Gratitude

Ron is one of my closest friends. I’ll be eternally grateful for our friendship. He’s helped me in so many ways, sometimes just by inviting me out to the lake for some boating fun. He’s also been a mentor to me. He runs an amazing company called Picmonic and has helped me with business advice and guidance

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Joan – Client Highlight & Gratitude

Joan found my ad on the nextdoor app! She needed her office organized and I was lucky enough to be the one to help. Joan is one of the kindest, most warm people I’ve ever met.

Todd sanding

Todd – Client Highlight and Gratitude

My business wouldn’t be anywhere without Todd. I owe him a lot. He let me build him a custom fit hardware organizer for him which helped me get off the ground and get a case study on my website.

Ashlee ben and JP Taxman after organizing a garage together

Ashlee & Ben – Client Highlight & Gratitude

I, in all honesty, can’t say enough good things about Ashlee. She was my first, and will always be my best, Groupon purchase. I didn’t think Groupon was going to work when I signed up. Boy was I wrong and, yet again, lucky to have had her pick me!