Client Gratitude

two wooden dummy hugging figures

Joan – Client Highlight & Gratitude

Joan found my ad on the nextdoor app! She needed her office organized and I was lucky enough to be the one to help. Joan is one of the kindest, most warm people I’ve ever met.

Todd sanding

Todd – Client Highlight and Gratitude

My business wouldn’t be anywhere without Todd. I owe him a lot. He let me build him a custom fit hardware organizer for him which helped me get off the ground and get a case study on my website.

Ashlee ben and JP Taxman after organizing a garage together

Ashlee & Ben – Client Highlight & Gratitude

I, in all honesty, can’t say enough good things about Ashlee. She was my first, and will always be my best, Groupon purchase. I didn’t think Groupon was going to work when I signed up. Boy was I wrong and, yet again, lucky to have had her pick me!