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We live in the future; why home automation is awesome

Fuck being a king or queen in the middle ages.
I’d rather be middle-class today, we get to live in the future.
A kind or queen couldn’t turn on their lights by asking them to turn on. Then once on, ask them to change colors and brightness. Nope, they had to have their servants take 20 minutes to start a fire or light a shitty candle for them.
Oh what’s that, we can order literally any food… or item to our door in less than a day. A king or queen only got what was available at the time, and if they ran out of spices they had to wait 3 months for a merchant to return from China with more.
Anyhow, here are some of the great things you can do with home automation.
Lights, camera, oh wait no, just lights
Smart lights are such an amazing invention. You can set them to turn off and on at certain times, change any color, dim them, or my personal favorite, turn them on or off in any room from anywhere.
The key is inside you!
Well inside your brain because all you have to remember is a code and never need an actual key to get in. You can also let in other people and give them lifelong codes, temporary time-bound codes, or a code for the maid that can only be used between 2 and 4.
But more about smart locks in this blog (link)
Thermostats really make us better than royalty
You could argue royalty had the equivalent of everything I said earlier, they could have had servants light their candles whenever, they never had to open doors themselves, and a moat was their security.
But I can guarantee they couldn’t ask Alexa to set the heat to 77.35 degrees while they were taking a shower, then step out and have the castle be set to 77.35 degrees.
Hot damn the future is cool!
The future of the future?
I’m so curious about what the future of this future will look like! My guess is robot dogs, plates that wash, and a litter box that instantly annihilates any cat feces using advanced laser technology.
What are your thoughts?
Want this tech in your home but too busy to install it all yourself? Well, luckily for you we’ll do it for you. Just give us a call and we’ll help you pick out what’s best for you and your specific needs as well as help you get it all setup, installed, and automated.