black and white hoodie jacket ready to break through your home security

The illusion of security with security systems, and why it’s still not a bad idea to have one

Sorry, but you’re getting the bad news first.


You’re not safe.


If someone really wants to get to you, they will.




It’s better to have a chance of thwarting an intruder and to at least keep out a level 1 criminal.


Sadly, if someone is really smart they can get to you and if they are really smart and really skilled you have almost no chance.


Here is my level of thieves, keep in mind, I completely made this up.


Level 1 Security

A level one criminal is someone hasty, not smart, and likely just looking for quick money to buy drugs. They tend to steal amazon packages and may even go so far as to check to see if you left your door or window unlocked. Outside of that, they don’t put much thought into a plan of attack, making them easier to catch and hold off with signs, locks, and sensors.


What you can do

Get a good door lock and security system like a ring. You’ll be able to catch them on video, and if they try to get in the house you’ll get notified of their entry, then the alarm system will call the cops. Hopefully, they are really dumb though and stay for too long so they actually get caught.


Security systems are most helpful for injuries or fires. Police just take too long to arrive when it comes to break-ins.


Level 2

These little rascals take a bit more consideration into their plan. They might actually select your house based on your neighborhood, and stake out your patterns to understand your comings and goings. This way, when you aren’t home they will know the most opportune time to sneak in. They also can probably pick locks so the lock on your door won’t be an issue for them to bypass. Along with that, they may not care about just breaking a window and unlocking the door from the inside to get in.


They also know the necessity for quickness and have probably already cased the house and know you don’t have an alarm system. They know the items they are looking for and won’t take longer than a few minutes. However, they realize there isn’t much of a rush because you’re gone for an hour at that specific time every day.


What you can do

Sadly, not much. Home security will definitely help, but this is where even a security system will start to become useless. They will wear a mask, generic clothing, and shoes, which will make them non-identifiable even if you do catch them on camera.


The best thing to do here is to always switch up your schedule, and hire someone to be in your home 24/7. That’s not feasible though, it’s much easier to just not worry, and realize that you can always buy more stuff if it gets stolen while keeping your valuables in a heavy secure safe.


Level 3

Now, these people are way too good. They are borderline about to start robbing banks. Not only will they case the house, they see a security sign in your front lawn and see only a challenge and opportunity, it’s like a game to them. These bandits will find a way to hack into your security system to turn it off, and/or find other ways into your house, like posing as an inspector or becoming a friend that you invite into your home and then stealing items while you’re not looking. They will also go for bigger stuff than items, they will find your passwords to get access to your bank account and just transfer the money into theirs. Which will be in a foreign and untraceable bank account.


What you can do

As I said, if someone really wants to, they will. Luckily, most people don’t and people like this are very rare. So there’s not much to worry about. That being said, keep your passwords hidden very well, and your computer locked behind another strong password only you know that isn’t written down anywhere.


Personally, I don’t give anyone the password to my computer or my phone, except my mother of course.


Don’t fret

All that being said, don’t fret. Most of the time things are fine, especially when you live in a nicer neighborhood with neighbors you know who will watch out for you.


If you do want a security system to get some added peace of mind, and to at least try and catch those pesky amazon box thieves, let us know! We do installs and will help you find the right system for you. We’ll also help you connect it to Alexa or other smart assistants so that you can arm it with your voice when you leave the house.


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