two brown spray bottles on brown table

I can’t clean unless I’m on the phone, then, and only then, it becomes easy

Oh, what’s up!? How are you?
I’m good, just writing a blog.
Then, as I talk with a friend or someone on the phone I’ll randomly get up and start pacing around my house, for some reason my subconscious goes, let’s pick up this broom and start sweeping the floor or start wiping down the counters.
I think I just need something to do while I’m on the phone, but damn, it makes me feel twice as productive. It also makes something that I find boring and tedious, fun. Along with that, I don’t have to do it alone.
This is a good lesson to apply to other things, like if you hate ironing, maybe try doing it while doing a different task you enjoy, like watching football on Sunday or listening to a podcast. This way the task you’re doing feels like it gets done more quickly, but you also get to do something you enjoy.
Just don’t try to iron and go for a bike ride around the city, that might not end well.
I’d love to know what you end up pairing or have paired before. Let me know by tagging me or DMing me on Instagram! @reliefkey
Also, if you ever need cleaning services, be sure to check out my great friends company Tidy Casa. They do a thorough and phenomenal job! We did a podcast together that you can check out here