question mark why your house sucks

What sucks about your house?

Lorem ipsum dolor Really.

What sucks about your house?

Get up and go walk around your house and think about what sucks (maybe set a reminder to come back in 10 minutes in case you get distracted by a squirrel outside your window)

…So, what did you come up with?

Now don’t just live with it, take a few random things around the house and construct a solution.

For instance, I needed a better way to dry my nutribullet so I started with just bottle caps, that sucked so I cut holes in a solo cup and used that.


Then I made this. (link)

But before I got there I lived with the other two solutions for a year, maybe more. The thing is, it was better than having no bottle caps under my nutribullet cup.

Start seeing what sucks about your house as an opportunity to have fun and become a creative problem solver!