photo of red and blue zippers

You don’t realize you need it until it’s fixed

There are some problems we don’t know we have.
Often referred to as ‘blind spots.’
Yup, just like when you’re driving. You check your mirrors, make sure you’re not going to hit anything, but sure enough, when you move…
Now, small problems around the house might not lead to such a drastic end, but they still suck away at your soul little by little without you even noticing.
Have you ever had something break in your home, such as a sink countertop? And because that broke you have to get a whole new sink basin and faucet. Before, maybe you had the double hole sink basin, but now you tried the one big one due to the switch. This new basin then makes it 10x easier to clean dishes and can hold way more dirty ones, plus you can wash your newborn baby in it if you want.
A small change that was forced, which you didn’t expect, or know you needed, makes you appreciate it a bit more because you were surprised by how much better it was, and how bad you had it, but didn’t realize. Had the sink not broken, you would have lived with the double basin your whole life.
This is what we try to do with our flow analysis and custom solutions. Our goal is to help you find these problem areas or blind spots that you don’t realize you have so that we can then make tremendous improvements, then, in turn, increase the quality of your day-to-day life.
With our flow analysis, we come to your home and walk through with you as you guide us and take us through your home as if it was a typical day. Starting with getting up in the morning, going through your morning routine, then leaving for work, coming home, hanging out with friends, ect.
From there we take the information and come up with an analysis and suggest products that could make life easier for you, as well as mockup some custom solutions that we could design and build for you.
We want to be that cool feature on newer cars, you know, the light in the side mirrors that lights up when a car is in your blind spot. We want to protect you from crashing because you didn’t check all your blind spots.