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Where to search for a professional home organizer

Right here, your search is over, you found one! What a short blog this was huh?
Just kidding, I’m going to give you more than that, because I’m not right for everyone and I don’t take on every client that comes through this device I’m forever tethered to. Along with that, I like helping people out, so I figured why not help you find the perfect person for you! Plus I’m sure they will appreciate the business.
So, let’s get started.
Our first option is
Thumbtack, Angi, and other sites like those
Sites like these are great because you get to sort through and pick a few to chat with before pulling the trigger. You also get photos, reviews, and a price upfront (on thumbtack at least).
Downsides: Too many options making it difficult to pick, the business owners have to pay to just talk with you. I’m not complaining, that’s marketing! I’m happy to pay for leads, but it’s nice when I get to save the money and use it on the customer and their experience instead.
Thumbtack is the only one I’ve had a good experience with, Angie’s List tried to sell me waaayyy too hard, and Home Advisor is just terrible and their business model is borderline unethical to me. Plus the leads I got never panned out. While with Thumbtack I closed a lead the same day, making my money back plus some for all the leads I’ll get for the next 3 months.
Next up!
Your friend’s niece that just got into organizing
Okay, this one is kind of a joke for me because the organizing industry is clearly growing due to all of the documentaries coming out about it, so everyone, their sister, niece, and 3rd removed cousin is an organizer now.
What sets me apart is my background in user experience design (designing software), so I think more about usability and overall experience, not just making it LOOK organized. I’m also constantly refining and improving my process.
But I’m excited that people are wanting to get into the field. I’m going to be doing some hiring soon, so I’ll need talented people who love and enjoy organizing.
Okay, what’s next?
Post to a local Facebook group or on next door
I’m constantly in Facebook groups looking to meet people and build relationships. That’s how I prefer finding clients, through relationship building. But if you just post in there depending on the group, if you post in a group like the Go gilbert group on Facebook, you’ll get 100+ recommendations. I always appreciate getting tagged, but it’s so hard to compete like that.
I know over time we’ll become more of the name brand, but until then I’ve stopped responding to posts like that, unless I’m tagged by a friend, even then, it’s really difficult to win those leads.
That’s all folks
Well, not all, there are plenty of other places to find organizers, but I’m stopping there for today because I have 10 more blogs to write today.
If you need more please reach out to me on Instagram