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How much time should I expect home organizing to take?

In general 1 room will take you about 15 hours, give or take. However, there are a lot of factors that could significantly increase or decrease that number. Amount of items, the time it takes you to make a decision, and your ability to come up with systems quickly.


The amount of items 

If you have to go through 5 boxes of ornaments VS. 5 boxes of basketballs there’s going to be a big discrepancy in the time it takes to sort through those two boxes. It could even be upwards of 40 minutes because of the extra care you have to take with the glass ornaments.


Thus, the number of items in the garage, and the size of items that fill containers can tremendously affect the time it takes to get the garage organized.


The time it takes to make a decision

Now the time it takes you to decide which one what to keep, get rid of, or throw away also affects how much time it takes to finish organizing.


If you can just go boom yes this ornament. Fuck, yes I love that ornament, boom no that one sucks, pow yes I’m keeping that ornament.




If you take 30 minutes to decide which basketballs to keep and throw away.


Then, the person who would, in theory, finish first would be the person organizing the ornaments because they are making decisions 10x more quickly which would allow them to get through all those ornaments in half the time it takes the person with the basketballs to throw away 1 basketball.


Ability to come up with systems quickly

Now, let us say that the person with the ornaments now has to come up with a better way to access the ornaments, as well as make sure they go back into the exact same place. Being a novice, it takes them 3 hours to come up with a plan that works, just okay.


While the person with the basketballs knows exactly how and where to create a simple system to access each ball. They just buy a ball holder on amazon, and boom, 10 minutes later. Done, and it works great.



So as you can well see, it takes various amounts of time depending on what stage of the process you’re in. But again, in my experience, a room takes about 15 hours plus OR minus 2.


Either way, with a second person there the work gets done more quickly, reach out to us to help you blast through it, as well as help you with the decision-making process.