brown wooden shelf on grey wall

VAAG – Visible at a Glance – Why it’s essential to experience design in your home

Yes, I say it VAG with a soft G, like Giraffe, whatever helps you remember it, right?

Visible At A Glance, when I organize this is constantly what’s going through my head. How long does it take me or the client to look quickly and find what I’m looking for? I want to eliminate as much searching as possible, I despise searching, I want to find what I’m looking for quickly easily, and then be able to easily access it from where I found it.

Adding VAAG to different areas of your home will save you tremendous amounts of frustration over the course of your life by simply improving your daily experience. Along with doing the organizing, It will also reduce the number of fights you have with your spouse over meaningless issues. Hopefully helping you only have fights about the root causes would lead to a stronger wholesome relationship. (Results may vary)

Here are a few ways to go about doing this:

Colors are great to look at and immediately know what goes where, and what is what. However, the only downside is that someone who doesn’t know the code, won’t immediately understand it unless however, you code a space and the item that goes in that space. Then it’s almost impossible to not understand what should go where and if something is in the wrong place.

The most important things should be in the front. What you access most often should be easy to see and get to, pretty simple. What’s less simple is getting rid of enough stuff so that the stuff behind the essentials is also still easy to see in the back. If you can pull that off, and make them easy to get to, then you’ve hit a new level of organizing.

Giving things room to breathe makes them easier to get, but at the same time lets your brain more easily see what is what because it can lock in on each item more easily. Our brains are trained to tune out noise and hone in on individual things. It was so we didn’t get eaten or could find food amongst the brush. Now we can use that same power to more quickly find our spatulas when the kids are screaming PANCAKES, PANCAKES, PANCAKES!


Spread the seed

So go, go spread VAAG throughout the entirety of your home. Make all the essential items you access on a daily or weekly basis visible at a glance.