Decision Making tools for a better life

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Want to make better decision in your life?

We’ll, like anything you want to make, you need the proper tools to do so!

So I’ve created this set of tools to help you improve you decision making to get what you want out of life.

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This includes 6 tools worth well over $500 dollars in value, and could generate you hundreds of thousands over the course of your lifetime!

You get:

  • The key decision marking tool: Question’s to help you hone in one what’s important and what isn’t to make a clear decision.
  • The post decision making tool: It’s important to take a look at the decisions you’ve made in the past or right after you see the results so you can get feedback and make even better decisions in the future.
  • The work attitude assessment: Get a clear picture of your attitude towards, concepts at work, or the work you do in general.
  • The relationship attitude assessment: Get a crystal clear picture of your attitude towards certain people, and gauge how it changes over time.
  • Habit tracker: Only the data that gets tracked gets managed, so this comprehensive tool helps you track habits in your life. It’s build inside notion, so it’s completely customizable.
  • Sunk cost fallacy assessment: We’ve all been hit by the sunk cost fallacy, pouring more time, money, and resources into something that we should have cut off or stopped doing a long time ago. This assessment helps you catch it earlier and feel more confident about your decision to stop and spend your time, money, and resources more wisely on something else.

This will be provided as a digital PDF with all the links to the resources.


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