Todd sanding

Todd – Client Highlight and Gratitude

My business wouldn’t be anywhere without Todd. I owe him a lot. He let me build him a custom fit hardware organizer for him which helped me get off the ground and get a case study on my website. It was also from helping him with his business called Hunters of Avalon that I was able to learn some of the essential building/making skill sets I needed to do my business. Like learning how to use a vinyl cutter, which I now use to make custom labels for clients.


Todd is such a brilliant and kind human, meeting him and getting to work with, learn from, and hang out with him has been such a wonderful stroke of luck.


Into escape rooms or D&D? If you’re into both then you must check out www.huntersofavalon.com as well as a drinking game he designed and made www.crazymakeemups.com. You won’t regret it.

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