rainbow colored home organization you can see the value of

What is the value of home organization?

How much do you value shit? Shit, like poop. Probably not very high, unless you’re a gardener, then you might greatly value it because it’s a phenomenal fertilizer.

Value is relative, which makes it somewhat elusive.

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person with hand above water disorganized and unsure they can get organized

If I’m completely disorganized will I ever be able to get organized? Am I a lost cause?

How’s it feel way out there? In the vast, deep blue sea treading water with your head barely above the surface as fishies nibble on your toes. Not so pleasant huh? Being disorganized is a lot like treading water in the middle of the ocean. You can start swimming, aka getting stuff organized, but the progress you make can often feel minimal and pointless like trying to swim to shore after being stranded in the center of the

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A Lincoln Steering wheel

What makes the Lincoln steering wheel design amazing?

Every captain needs the right cockpit to steer their ship, and the better the cockpit, the better the ride. Lincoln clearly gets that because they have designed one of the best steering wheels on the market. It’s intuitive, functional, and looks riveting. Let’s take a look at all the things they got right when designing this high-end luxury steering wheel.

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man making and designing guitar

Why I love building and designing

I’m quite concerned, I might be addicted to frustration. Well, I suppose it’s not actually the frustration I’m addicted to, it’s the solution that cures the frustration, but it’s like Pavlov’s dog, ring the bell and the dog salivates. There are times when you get so frustrated with a problem while making something that you want to throw it at the wall, then burn it with kerosene in a bonfire, and to top it off by dumping the ashes in a porta-potty at a Grateful Dead concert. However, once you calm down and think through the problem, then come up with a viable solution that works, you become filled with a euphoria only gods typically get to experience. Thus, addiction.

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an cute baby room with diaper changing station

Designing the ideal diaper changing station

It’s dirty, it’s messy, and no one wants to do it, but it has to be done. Changing baby diapers is not what we want to do in the middle of the day, let alone 3 am when our eyes have us tired out on the ropes in the 12 round of the boxing match as we fight to keep them open. Nonetheless, we must clean the baby’s bum.

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