Ashlee ben and JP Taxman after organizing a garage together

Ashlee & Ben – Client Highlight & Gratitude

I, in all honesty, can’t say enough good things about Ashlee. She was my first, and will always be my best, Groupon purchase. I didn’t think Groupon was going to work when I signed up. Boy was I wrong and, yet again, lucky to have had her pick me!

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custom motorcycle, why is it so expensive?

Why Custom work and Home Organizers are so Expensive

Oh baby bear, everything you have must be juuust right, doesn’t it? Your porridge is the perfect temperature, your bed isn’t too hard or soft, and your chair happens to be in the sweet spot of comfort. You need everything you have, and use, to be perfect for you, which is tough in this day and age of mass production where everything’s made to generally suit everyone. You buy things, and the producer of the product gets close to delivering on what you need, yet, it’s never

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10% off says you can't handle these emails!

That’s right, get 10% off if you don’t laugh by the 3rd email received! I don’t think you have what it takes!