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EP 66 || You NEED the 3M broom holder command hooks!

These will change your life, I swear. I mean, not like ego death quit your job and become a yoga instructor in Bali type of change, but the 3M broom hangers with command strips will definitely improve your life by 1/2 a percent by getting your home…

EP 61 || Reviewing aftermarket cabinet pullout drawers

Stop getting on your knees to bow down to the back of the cabinet, it’s not worth your time! Get one of these cabinet drawer slider organizers instead and liberate yourself from the tyranny.

Simple Human: https://amzn.to/3FyioZp
Knape (all wood)…

EP 60 || Thank you cards

Making decisions on what to buy is so very tough. This podcast is about my deliberation on buying the perfect thank you cards to send out to clients.

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EP 59 || Flat surfaces; Magnets for stuff

Stuff just laches on to flat surfaces like a magnet! Organizing defiantly helps with this, but only if you actually put the stuff away, but those flat surfaces hold on tight! Here’s me coming up with a few solutions on the fly!

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