legos clutter and needing to be tidied up and replaced

REplacer – Some that loves tidying up – Folding clothes – Putting toys away

Call for people ready to join us on a journey that can help with mail sorting and putting items away for client

Are you a person that doesn’t like to take the easy path? Someone born to innovate, someone always trying new things, someone who is constantly seeking ways to make life better for themselves and others?

Well, then you might fit right in at reliefkey.

We’re looking for the go getters, the trailblazers, the unique individuals to want enrich the lives of those around them, as well as their own, but are willing to get down and dirty to do it. People who know it’s going to be extremely challenging, because it is. People who are willing to work for less now for a tremendously bigger reward later. People who also believe that the reward isn’t just money, but doing the hard work and seeing the way their hard work positively affects the client.

About reliefkey

We help our friends get organized, control chaos, experience relief, and design and build bespoke products to make their homes more easy and joyful to live in.


Organize peoples entire lives to become wiser and more joyful. Leading to better, more enjoyable cities.


  • Improving the lives of our employees by helping them to grow, learn new skills, and feel full-filled by doing meaningful purposeful work.
  • Enhancing the well-being of those around us using human-centered design as well as listening to, learning from, and connecting vibrant humans.
  • Our clients – to help them feel pride by giving them more control over their lives so that they can feel less stressed and overwhelmed by listening, organizing, designing, and connecting them to their community.
  • Friends and family – Take what we learn from work and help those closest to us
  • Our community – improve our neighborhoods, and cities to become more connected, cleaner, kinder and, better designed for people.
  • Infuse everyone we touch with joy and relief


→Listening leads to understanding.

→Design for humans and make them laugh.

→Constantly get better at decision making.


  • More about principles vs. values

    Values are what guide us, they are our compass, and everyone must memorize and believe in then.

    Principles however, also aid us in creating a great culture and giving us frame works and mental models on how to act and improve. They don’t need to be memorized, but are great to reference especially when stuck!

→Be absurdly clear in your communication

→The relationship matters more than the money

→Prioritize friendship

→Mistakes are an opportunity to learn and make something better

→Keep it simple

→Use first principles to creates unique solutions

→Passion and work should be one and the same

→Be honest and do quality work

→Do more than we are paid for

→Be Willing to start from scratch

About the Job

I’m providing a service where clients can get a subscription to pay us to put items away from them after we have created organizing systems for them or sort their mail once a week.

It’s pretty simple, you’ll work with the organizer to learn where everything is supposed to go, and then it will be your job to go to the client and put everything away once a week or however often they would like you to come.

This is a part-time entry-level job, but if you do well and learn, it’s possible to move up and become an organizer for us. We also love to place people where they excel so there may be another position for you to grow and lean in that we can find for you. For us, it’s all about feeling fulfilled in what you do.

It’s also a 1099 contractor job to start.

About you

Listens well

Funny and loves comedy

Driven/diligent worker

Cares about being healthy

Data driven

Loves to experiment


Extremely user-centric


Cares about their community, ideally local neighborhood at least their city.

Unconventional thinker


$15 per hour plus a gas reimbursement per job-driven to

You In?

Ready to be very stressed, work long hours, and figure stuff out for a great purpose.

Down to have ridiculous amounts of fun and laughs with a great team (that I’m currently putting together) while doing great work to create something remarkable, needed, and unique that Phoenix hasn’t seen before?

Well, then send your answers to these 3 questions along with a sample of some kind of work you’ve done in the past to 480.442.7155

  1. If gifted 1 billion dollars tomorrow what would you do with it?
  2. Do you dread or get excited to put things away?
  3. What books have made the most significant impact on your life and why?