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EP 18 | Lock Lock My review of the Yale smart lock

We live in the future, it’s exciting! Smart locks are amazing and I think everyone should use them, here’s my review of the Yale smart lock I’ve been using.

Get this Lock: https://amzn.to/3CGmf5d

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EP 15 | Getting Intimate and Getting Organized

Home organizing is a lot different from other jobs, you get very intimate with your clients. Not that kind of intimacy! Come on! But you get close, and really get to know them unlike one would in other industries. This episode talks about how much I…

EP 12 | What we can learn about forgiveness from Ted Lasso

We often forget that shows are stories trying to teach us something, and the show Ted Lasso on Apple TV is no different, it has taught me so much! However, I think the main lesson is about how powerful forgiveness can be. Listen to this episode to…

EP 10 | A neuroscientist tells us to meditate | Justin Tanner

According to Justin controlling our homes with our minds isn’t going to happen anytime soon, but he recommends creating a mediation room in somewhere in your home. Take a listen to learn more from one of my smartest, most talented friends.


EP 9 | Peace at the intersection |Brandon Herron

Brandon runs the az combine a football combine for high school and youth kids. On this episode we chat about how he lives in his apartment in chandler.

I was a little late on posing this so his last combine passed, which was awesome, but check out…