EP 51 || Being home without being home || With Sarah Ramsey

The Total Home Experience
The Total Home Experience
EP 51 || Being home without being home || With Sarah Ramsey

Sarah and I talk about her life living in Tennessee and her favorite product, the nest cameras. But she uses them in a very unique way.

Sarah K Ramsey is a Toxic Relationship Specialist and the world’s leading expert on how to become Toxic Person Proof. She is best selling author of the book Becoming Toxic Person Proof and host of a globally-acclaimed podcast. She works with women who have experienced toxic relationships and who remain stuck in a cycle of pain and confusion transform their minds and lives by taking back their power, recreating a life they are excited about living and bringing renewed energy, clarity, and excellence into establishing careers and relationships they love.

Find her website here: www.sarahkramsey.com

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