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The Creative
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He is punctual and creative and reasonably priced. I highly recommend this pro!
The Magnificent
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My 'junk' drawer was an unusable mess. I just tried to avoid it, except when adding to the disaster. Luckily, JP came in and organized it for me, turning the mayhem into an extremely useful and functional utility drawer. I know right where everything is and where it should return to. Now, every-time I open the drawer I just go, Ahhhh.... I will definitely hire him again.
The Strong
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reliefkey has been wonderful. He is very professional and knows his stuff. Definitely would recommend.
The Remarkble
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I feel like I have a whole new more functional kitchen. I am beyond happy that I decided to hire an organization. I would highly recommend
The Kind
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reliefkey was very helpful and helped me organize a storage closet! They were very responsive, provided awesome information ahead of time and easy to work with! We were able to get rid of 7 garbage bags of stuff and organize everything else! They also assisted with providing information on what I could get to help it stay organized! Thank you so much for all your help! I will definitely have Them back to organize the rest of my house!

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Here are some of the fabulous homes we've organized for fabulous people.

1. REplan

For free on out first call we come up with a plan together examining which rooms to tackle in what order.

2. REdo

We get to work and pull everything out, sort through it, categorize it, place it back into a new home, and then pick some products to make the systems and organization optimal!

3. REview

We believe in iteration and experimentation. We come back and make some adjustments to help you create robust systems that work for everyone in the household!

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