Belief, habit, and acountablility

Clearing the mud from your mind so you can easily get where you're trying to go in life!

Your current experience

Overwhelmed. Stressed. Anxious. Negative thoughts.

These feelings are the mud caked across your windshield aka, your mind. And we all know you can't drive well when you can't see where you're going.

The walls feel like they're closing in on you, every item you own, and person you know begging for your attention.

Something has got to change.

Your experience with me

Easy and fun with a sprinkle of aha!

With every aha moment, we scrape a little bit more mud off your mind, making it easier and easier to see where you're going, crashing into less along the way.

As for the fun, it's probably not going putt-putt golfing with your best friend fun, but we'll still have some laughs while we map out your problems reframe beliefs, and create new habits and systems to solve your problems once and for all.

Your experience after us


You'll have a new, fresh perspective on life and will be equipped to handle any challenges that come your way moving forward.

All the gunk and mud scraped off your mind so that you can now easily get to where you want to go in life.

Who we helped & what they said

What clients have said about us

The guidance of JP Taxman changed my entire mentality. I was stuck in a pattern of beginning ideas but never completing them. I was able to address limiting beliefs thanks to JP's personalized approach. He made connections between my problems, limiting beliefs and skills and offered me helpful suggestions. I'm now focused, purpose-driven, and consistently productive. I would highly recommend working with JP if you're seeking impactful change.
Testimonial Image
It was an awesome experience JP is the best, just booked him again !! Highly recommend😃😃

Want to know how positive or negative your current attitude is?

Want to know how positive or negative your current attitude is?

Our Process

1. Problem Map

We start by identifying core problems in your life within:

Career | Health | Relationships

I also help you set goals in this areas so we both know where you're trying to get to.

Once we have done that we create a problem map to identify your 'sub problems,' 'limiting beliefs,' 'and skills that you need to have to solve the problem'

Then we'll see how all these things are connected which will give us a map forward to solving the core problem.

2. Question limiting Beliefs

The next step in the process is to examine and rework those limiting beliefs that are holding you back from solving the problem to get you where you want to go.

I do this by constructively questioning you about the belief.

This method allows us to come up with a new belief by seeing alternate perspectives that may currently be difficult for you to view.

3. Habits/systems & accountability

Where you go to the gym every day.

You're never late to a meeting.

You have a great relationship with family, kids, and spouse.

Where you're in the job and thriving in a career you love.

We get there by helping you develop systems and habits that you stick to because of our accountability coaching. I hold you to your word, and make sure stick to the habits and systems we help you create to solve the core problem.

Need more detail about our process?

Here's a step-by-step overview of our process and what it entails at a more granular level

But you can always hop on a call with us too!

Let's be friends!

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