No more reaching, no more bending: Revolving Shelves

Spiraling motions are at the core of most natural phenomena. As graphic designers, we love using the golden spiral to get designs in a perfect proportion. So I think it makes plenty of sense to incorporate a circular motion into a product design by using revolving shelving to make it easier to organize and access anything in a cupboard, closet, or garage.

Just imagine never having to schlep a ladder from one side of the garage to the other, to then climb up it and hope the bin you’re pulling off doesn’t eject you from the ladder and reconnect you with the ground because the bin was too heavy. Instead, you could just press a button or wave your hand and the shelves gracefully glide and arrive at the perfect height for you to easily grab whatever you need off of it.

This experience at face value may not seem that necessary, but if you’re constantly accessing items from higher shelves, a feature like this could bring you tremendous amounts of joy. Even if you rarely access items that are higher up, it can greatly impact the experience in that moment, which, to me, is always well worth it. I’m also very against bending over; I’d create signs and protest bending over, so this functionality will soon be incorporated into my apartment.

Something like this is also great for elderly people in the home who definitely shouldn’t be getting on ladders, or have shoulder or back problems and can’t reach higher than their chest. A system like this in the home could profoundly improve their lives.

This also removes an issue with the depth of closets no more need for reaching and searching in the deep dark abyss of the rear closet mess. Due to the design, everything is now up front and visible. With the revolving shelf, if you need to add something new you’ll be forced to remove items you never use to clear up space when each shelf gets full. This creates a forced minimalism which can be easy to ignore when you tuck things away very high or deep into the shelf space.


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