Home Automation candle warmer

Make your home smell automatically delicious​

I feel like a little kid right after opening that birthday present they’ve been waiting for for weeks that mom said they weren’t going to get. That’s my level of excitement towards executing on this idea.

I’ve had the concept floating around in my noggin for a while now, I was just waiting for the technology to catch up…. per usual, but it finally has!

I love candles, whenever I see and bed, bath, and body works I sneak in a smell all the delicious fragrances. My favorite, which still stands true, is ‘black tie’ which is so sadly only around during the new years season.

Now on to the concept, I hate turning the knob to my apartment, pushing open the door, and getting a nice good whiff of, cat piss.

What I want, is to smell a fresh inviting fragrance that makes me want to curl up on the sofa with some hot cocoa and my boo. My concept was to have a candle warmer melt my favorite fragrance when I was 1 mile out from my house so that when I arrived I would get the sweet sweet hit of yummy smell goods straight to my dome. To do this, I’d need a smart plug that could connect with my phone and sync with a geofence that would switch it on whenever I was within that 1-mile radius of my house and if left my home it would automatically turn off.

I did just that. I got a candle warmer, a Wemo (link) home automation smart plug, and some candle wax. Then, I connected it with IFTTT.com and set up a geofence. Then, WALA! When I would open my door I’d be slapped in the face with a magnificent sent.

Imagine with me the relief and excitement I felt the first time it worked when I opened my door to the exotic scent of sandalwood. Ooo, was I a giddy little kid again!

This system still needs some work however, I need to extend the entry geofence a bit so the wax has a bit more time to melt. On top of that, I need a candle warmer with different setting because the one I got burns too hot and the wax gets 1 maybe 2 uses before it becomes essentially scentless… very disappointing.

Want something like this your home because you too love scented smell goods and want them automated? Press that good ole contact button and let’s get on a phone call to get your nostrils filled with some nose food.