man in black and white plaid dress shirt wearing black framed eyeglasses - explaining why custom is so expensive

Making it perfect for you, when custom is worth the price

This is the best, but…


Fits your space, your stuff, and looks how you want it


Comes at a price… for now.


Not only money, but time… is it work it?


Think so and list why


Want something custom? Don’t know what flow analysis.


This is the best but…


It’s not the exact color I wanted.


It doesn’t fit just right into my space.


I just wish it could do [Fill in the blank]


We all find ourselves saying this about one thing or another after we buy we purchase various products and have used them for a while. Stuff today is amazing, but since it’s made for a large group of people, it’s not perfect for you in terms of fit, feel, and look.


The best, if you’re particular like me, is to go get something custom made just for you, but that comes at a price… for now. Building something custom is, well, expensive. Why? Because it’s not being made for a large number of people. Economies of scale can’t be applied, and it takes a ridiculous amount of time to figure out how it should be built.


So as I was saying, it’s not just expensive in terms of money, but also in terms of time because you don’t just get to press a button on Amazon and have it shipped to your home in 2 days or less.


To make a custom product really worth it, we must:


1. Identify the root problem.


2. Come up with a hypothetical solution to solve this problem


3. Create 1-3 prototypes


4. Test each prototype to iterate and make each one better than the lase so we have the optimal solution when we finally make it out of the expensive materials


5. We need to actually pick the expensive materials


6. Basically, redesign the whole thing with the new material in the correct dimensions


7. Finally, install the final product in your home.


All this takes at least 2 months for one product.


Is it worth it?


We think so, having a one of a kind item that is perfectly made and fit to you and your specifications that solves a problem you maybe didn’t even know you had, but when realizing it and now having a solution for it you end up with a better, more productive daily experience.


Personally, I’d pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for that. I actually have plans to form a whole team someday that makes both software and hardware solutions just for me personally. I’ll have 0 intent to sell them or make money, they will just be so I can further optimize my life and eliminate as many minute frustrations as I can.


Now, custom isn’t for you if you would feel a significant financial strain from paying 10,000-20,000 dollars over the course of 2-3months. But if you bought a couch for about that much or maybe a watch, then it can be very, very worth it for you.


It will save you frustration, time, and you’ll get a sense of joy having a thing you love to look at that was made with love, just for you, with only you in mind when it was made.


So if you have a “this is the best but…” that you’d like to replace, schedule a time to talk with us!


Schedule a call


Don’t have something in mind, not a problem, we love helping you identify problems and frustrations in your home by taking you through what we call a ‘Flow Analysis.’’ We go through your whole home, room by room as if we were your shadow for an entire day helping you identify all the little areas that could potentially be improved.


Then, we give you a document with everything, along with product recommendations, and 3 drawings of potential products we think would have the most impact in changing your experience at home while providing you with a sense of sustained, daily relief.