black and brown Dachshund standing in carboard box the best material

Why I love cardboard and you should too

When I was a kid I made a fort/spaceship out of cardboard and was fully armed with an arsenal of nerf guns and stocked up with snacks for my imaginary journey to some yet-to-be-explored planet or jungle. How did I travel there? In a giant scribbled upon refrigerator box, I connected to my bunk bed of course.

I loved using cardboard to make things, and I still do. But don’t forget about my other love, duct decide tape. We’ll talk about her another time.


Cardboard is so amazing because it’s malleable, you can tear it easily, you can bend and warp it, basically whatever you need to do, it will do. Need it to be sturdy? All you have to do is double up the layers and boom, it’s pretty damn structurally sound. As an added bonus, it’s relatively easy to cut, has a naturally square side, and wood or hot glue holds it together phenomenally well.


Oh, and don’t forget that you can use pins to hold it in place before you do decided to glue it up to get the placing correct before permanence occurs.


On top of this, it’s cheap… pretty much free because it’s so abundant in the age of shipping! So many places have way too many cardboard boxes and are happy to give them to me creating more room in the dumpster for them!


Reach out, if you need some hints as to where to find some.


So a downside is the gross brown color, but not to worry, painting it is easy and typically comes out pretty well, but can sometimes be hairy looking. However, if you have some smooth cardboard a nice coat of paint will give it a smooth elegant look.


This makes cardboard amazing for prototyping. You can make a bunch for almost nothing, and get a feel for the product before using the expensive and more difficult to cut materials. My process starts with drawing a few iterations then, once I select the one I like I make a render in cardboard, this allows me to really see what features I need, where they should be placed, and what generally doesn’t work. From there I can be more dialed in with my measurements and features when I go to use the expensive goods.


Need something custom, want to get started with our flow analysis of your home, a few drawings, and a cardboard prototype?


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