Ashlee ben and JP Taxman after organizing a garage together

Ashlee & Ben – Client Highlight & Gratitude


I, in all honesty, can’t say enough good things about Ashlee. She was my first, and will always be my best, Groupon purchase. I didn’t think Groupon was going to work when I signed up. Boy was I wrong and, yet again, lucky to have had her pick me! Believe it or not, she confessed to me that this very blog was a big decision in her purchasing decision. This is actually why I decided to write these 52 blogs. All this immense work is dedicated to you, Ashlee!


Anyhow, Ashlee needed a little help in her closet, garage, the kid’s room, and more! Let’s just say, we had a ton of fun, and I’m not being facetious. But getting the most important thing knocked out first, the closet, was a huge win in the beginning. She did phenomenally, and I think could start her own organizing business now if she wanted. She listens well and learns really quickly. She’s also a really hard worker, she’d go full days, with no problem!


It’s pretty obvious why she’s amazing and what she does in her career. I know who’s doing all of my home/real estate loans in the future, Ashlee of course! She works so hard for her clients, literally 24/7. That’s why it’s extra important to me to get her space extremely optimized so she can continue to level up in her work. It’s actually pretty amazing how tidying up, and implementing systems in your life can increase your productivity at work.


I digress, for the entire span of my business I will never cease to be grateful for Ashlee and what she has done for this business. As long as this blog stands, her decision to hire me absolutely energized my business, filled me with confidence and joy, and allowed the business to get to where ever it is at the reading of this blog.


So, from the bottom, and top of my heart, thank you Ashlee.



Ben is Ashlee’s husband. He’s a fucking fascinating and great guy. We both connected on the fact that our dads love airplanes. He has a bunch of Best Western memorabilia which was really cool to see and brought back memories from my childhood in airports. I helped Ben with his clothes, which went pretty fast, but also helped him get his garage back to park in. That was a team job, him, Ashlee, and I, but we cranked it out in a weekend and gave him and Ashlee their garage back. Hearing about his job was also so interesting to me, he’s a patent attorney and has worked with some dope clients.


He also has a non-profit radio station KDIF 102.9 which is awesome, and an amazing thing to provide to his community. I deeply respect his passion for music.


I’m so grateful to have Ben as a client that I would rather have helped him organize his garage and office than find and ride a unicorn.


…And finding and riding a unicorn would be pretty amazing.


Felix and Jack

So I do a lot of work for Ben and Ashlee, but I’m pretty sure it’s their kids Felix and Jack that pay my invoices. They are big-shot 7 and 9-year-olds hot chocolate entrepreneurs. I also helped get their rooms organized. Those kiddos are so fun. Felix and I played a fishbowl game in between stints of organizing, and Jack was great at learning how to fold his pants, he’s also quite a great artist. I feel so honored to get to show their kids new good habits that will hopefully carry out throughout the rest of their lives in a positive way. How lucky am I to get to impact someone’s life like that!? Working with this family has meant so much to me!